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Casa Loma

One of the many adventures that my girlfriend and I partook of, during our vacation to Toronto, was exploring Casa Loma, a grand structure styled upon European castles that was built by Canadian business visionary, Sir Henry Pellatt during the early 1900s.

Naturally, we took photos:

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A week in Toronto!

The girlfriend and I recently returned from a week long vacation in Toronto, where we did ALL THE THINGS, including marching in the annual pride parade, as part of World Pride 2014, in support of asexual awareness and visibility.  I'm still going through all the photographs, of which I shot over 4200, between my two cameras and my phone. However, I have finished all the ones I took at the CN Tower (with a side trip up to the Skypod):

Teddy makes a triumphant return to the top of Toronto!

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Stupid ice storm ruined ALL the fun...

Early last week, my girlfriend and I headed out on a four hour drive to visit her family in Cape Breton for a few days. We managed to make it just ahead of a storm of freezing rain that we figured would clear up the next to allow us to phototrek around the island. Unfortunately, the ice storm front 'stalled', according to the weather experts, pinning us down inside her mom's house for most of the trip, often without power. We even wound up missing a day of work waiting for the road conditions to improve enough to let us get back home safely.

So, no, I didn't get a chance to take many photos and I didn't get to play with the Canon Rebel T5i at all, on account of not wishing to expose it to the freezing rain. But you're welcome to peek at what I did manage to photograph:

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Beauty in decay

 These were taken with the Canon Rebel T5i a couple of weeks ago:


After a month of trying different lenses, it looks like I'll have to abandon the idea of wearing contacts. Due to some serious astigmatism, I've thus far found only one type of lenses that will work and they're simply too costly to justify. *sigh*

Catchy uppy stuff...

Hmmm... It's been a while since I've posted. Lemme see how quickly I can run down all the stuff that's happened:

  • The run was a fail. I did a test run a week before the race. Not only did I start having calf cramps before I hit the 15 km mark, but I had taken so much time off to try and heal that my knees lost a lot of conditioning and they started acting up, too. Meh. Running is off for a while. Instead, I'll be doing more P90X stuff in between my Kung Fu work outs until Spring, when my running training will focus on wind sprints and reducing my 10 km run time. When I can get that down to a reasonable amount of time, then maybe I might consider trying for the half marathon again.

  • The career is shaking and stirring. Yes, that's right; what I used to perceive as just a job is transforming into a career. I recently completed a two week internship with the department in charge of training within my company. That's really energized my potential within the company in a lot of ways, including helping me to build some great contacts within the department I eventually would like to wind up in.

  • Ostara is upon us and, ummm, no. Not only did this holiday pretty much sneak up on me, but it just doesn't feel enough like Spring to really celebrate it just yet. Methinks I'll wait until after the major snowstorm predicted for tomorrow is over and shovelled away before I celebrate. It's kinda hard to bury Ostara eggs in frozen ground.

  • This is not to say my pagan related activities are on hold, by any stretch of the imagination. Last week, I taught the first of twelve Paganism 101 classes. It went quite well and people seem to be really looking forward to next month's class.

  • ...And I'm dating again. More on that when I've seen how the second date goes. :)

That's the major stuff for now, methinks.

Well, fuck...

So, yeah, I'm now contemplating the strong possibility I won't be able to do the run on the 17th. Yes, I managed to get myself to the point of being able to run the half marathon distance once, but, without realizing it, I did myself some damage while doing so (I just learned all about overtraining... the hard way) and my body is currently in the process of telling me to fuck off, including letting me suffer this lovely bug I've managed to start suffering from Saturday afternoon. I was feeling better yesterday afternoon and did the P90X Kenpo workout, which should've been a solid, but not overly demanding workout. It left me completely drained. That's not good. Been feeling like crap since then. Meh.

I don't know if I'll be able to pull my body back together enough to do this run, if even moderate workouts are fucking with me, and an $80 entry fee sort of prohibits 'just giving it a try, anyhow'. Conventional wisdom says there's always next year, but I don't know if I'd be able to avoid the same conditions that led to overtraining this time, key amongst them: not being able to regularly get a solid 8 hours sleep after my workouts and doing Kung Fu on what should be my rest days. There's also the whole thing where I'm not looking forward to the entire sacrifice of time and effort that it took this time around, which cost me a lot in terms of time I would normally have spent doing extra training and conditioning for Kung Fu. (I'm also not pleased at the loss of kick flexibility, courtesy of some damaged and very tight thigh muscles.) To do it again, and this time properly, I'd pretty much have to give Kung Fu altogether. I'm not willing to do that, so, yeah, fuck.

a romantic asexual

"When are you going to get married?"
asked the unintentionally cruel aunt
like she does every time she visits
too occasionally to explain
the lonely sorrow that is being
a romantic asexual

"When are you going to get married?"
the answer is always an awkward mutter
those who truly know me never ask
it's an unvoiced understanding
they know about, but never speak of
a romantic asexual

"When are you going to get married?"
the words cut a savage reminder
of all the things I'll never have
a wife, kids, the love that comes with them
all lost to me, as no one wants
a romantic asexual

"When are you going to get married?"
a prison sentence pronounced as a question
invisible bars of loneliness between me
and the joy I see everyone else share
half a life of heartache, and half a life to go, as
a romantic asexual

Military SciFi...and poetry!

Yes, it's time, once again, for ysabetwordsmith's Poetry Fishbowl and this month's theme is military science fiction! Go check it out (and leave a prompt)!

So, yesterday's long run?

21.2 km.

Yes, that's right; over the required 21.1 for a half marathon... about three weeks ahead of schedule. I'm half marathon race ready! This is a huge milestone for me in terms of my physical fitness.

Needless to say, I'm quite chuffed.  :D




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